Ouch Magazine Covers Actor Parker Coppins as One to Watch

parker coppins cover ouch magazine

      Please let our readers know what exactly is a Digital Influencer? How hard is it to become one? A digital influencer is someone who has a large following online. It depends on which area you would like success in and how you define success. YouTube is a great platform, as the monetization allows for people to work full time. Regardless, it is going to take a good amount of effort. Why are YouTubers in such demand now? YouTube allows anyone to get a job if they can find…

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Ouch Magazine June 2017 covergirl Symon

Photographer: Alex Loucas Hair: Hailey Adickes Makeup: Ashley Donovan INTERVIEW @OUCHMAGAIZNENY 1. How would you describe your style and your voice? I grew up being trained in theatre, classical , opera, and pop music. Everything influenced me to make me the artist I am today. I would say my style and voice is just me 2. Who inspires you right now that is already out there? Madonna, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Halsey, Major Lazer, and Max Martin. 3. What inspires you in general? Woody Allen films, religion, relationships, Audrey Hepburn, Sunset…

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Singer, Songwriter, actress Kerri Medders coverS ‘Rising Stars’ issue of Ouch Magazine


Tell us a little bit about your new EP. My new EP, “Lot 17”, captures an era of myself as I approach adulthood; what I’ve realized and what I’m moving towards in my life. Music is so exciting, because writing, recording and releasing “Lot 17” while I am 17 is something I’ll always have to look back on, like it’s frozen in time. It’s surreal. How involved were you in the creating process? Did you write/co-write any of the songs? I try to be as involved as possible in the…

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E!’s The Arrangement Star Josh Henderson Cover Ouch Magazine’s Hollywood Issue

josh Henderson ouch magazine.pages

E!’s The Arrangement Star Josh Henderson Cover Ouch! Magazine Interview Exclusive Rhonda_Mcknight E!’s second scripted series, “The Arrangement” premieres March 2017. This multi-layered, Hollywood love story is about the darker side of celebrity where nobody is what they seem. The 10 episode one-hour series from Emmy Award-Winning writer/EP Jonathan Abrahams and Universal Cable Productions stars Josh Henderson (“Dallas”), Christine Evangelista (“Chicago Fire”), Lexa Doig (“Continuum”) and Michael Vartan (“Alias”). 1. How do you select your roles because all of them seem so perfectly suited for you? The goal for me…

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SYD WILDER -Ouch Magazine Dec 2016 Cover exclusive

Syd Wilder

Syd Wilder Ouch Magazine Cover/Feature Photography: Mario Barberio http://www.mariobarberio.com Jennifer Conejo – Makeup Andrew Hernandez – Hair Interview @rhonda_mcknight 1. How do you feel social media has impacted your career? Do you think that you would be where you are without YouTube? I feel like social media has greatly impacted my career for the best. I honestly don’t think I would be where I am today without writing, producing and creating my own content. YouTube and Funny or Die have given me the platforms to grow both as an artist…

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Eryn Woods covers Ouch Magazine 42nd issue


Photographer: David Duong@ PixelSlick Photography MUA/Hair: My Man Moe Q.How did you start in the business of entertainment? I started singing when I started talking….to be honest all the childhood memories that I have, have something to do with music. I always knew that I wanted to be a RockStar and no one could change my mind. So I started working with my producer while I was in high school…..but once I graduated I ran away from home and moved to ATL to be closer to my producer so we…

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After Romeo – Ouch Magazine ” 30 Most Beautiful under 30 issue” 2016

after romeo cover

-Where can we buy or find the whole EP? How many years have you been in the band? Group: We’ve all been in the band about 3 years. Fans can find our EP on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon. -What makes you the same as your band members? What is your role as a member? Drew: We all are driven and hard working. We are working towards the same goal. I am the song writer and help arrange the harmonies. TC:  We all have the same passion and want…

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