Actress Masiela Lusha Reprises Role For “Sharknado 5”

Masiela Lusha

Actress Masiela Lusha Reprises Role For “Sharknado 5 PHOTOGRAPHER: Raul Roa Interview @ouchmagazineny /  rhonda_mcknight What type of fandom do your think follows  “Sharknado  ‘movies?   Sharknado has a lot of heart. I especially fell in love with the movie’s core family values in every film. I simply adore the Sharknado fandom because the community doesn’t take itself too seriously and yet it is brimming with sincerity and enthusiasm. It’s a delightful land of joy! It feels utterly refreshing to be in a room with Sharknado enthusiasts! How did you…

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Gigi Rich a Refreshing New Artist


How would you describe your core sound? I do talk a lot about how much I love soul and funk music, but I really also love modern pop. So my core sound is truly a mix of the two! I like to say I’m pop with a lot of old school influences How did you come up with the sound for the EP “All in my Head”? It’s just the kind of sound that came out naturally. I grew up listening and appreciating a lot of different music, but I always…

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What’s Next with Jordi Whitworth

What’s Next with Jordi Whitworth Photographer Lesley Bryce What can you tell anyone who wants to try to win a reality tv competition? How was it doing the X FACTOR UK off camera?  It is definitely a huge platform to be a part of and you can get great exposure from these types of shows, which is amazing. Sometimes though, it may not be the best exposure so it all depends how you come across on TV. Why do you think many boy bands break up? How was it with Overload?…

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Thomas Barbusca : Ouch Magazine ‘Millennial Issue’

Thomas Barbusca

Photographer:Eliza Logan interview: @ouchmagazineny How did you go from commercials to landing a hit tv show? I booked over twenty-five commercials in about two years. I was going out on TV and movie auditions, started working steady and then landed The Mick. Which project did you enjoy the most? I’m enjoying The Mick right now. I also really enjoyed working on Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. What drew you to the “The Mick”? The script for The Mick was amazing! Also, as soon as I heard the…

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ASHLEY GERASIMOVICH Young Hollywood Actress on the Rise


Photographer :Michael Creagh Interview @ouchmagazineny  We absolutely love THE DETOUR. it’s not very kid friendly, but very funny. How did your parents react to the script whenever you auditioned? When I first auditioned for The Detour, we were only given a couple of scenes to work on. My parents thought the scenes were hysterical! Then when I booked the role, we read the script for the pilot – it was hilarious! You are an amazing comedic actress! Is this one of your passions or do you prefer more dramatic roles?…

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Ashley Brinton : Ouch Magazine One to Watch in Music

Ashley Brinton

Photographer : Lynn Parks interview @ouchmagazineny How would you describe your style as a musician? I would describe myself as a pop musician with an urban twist. Who is out there already that you concerned your soulmate as far as music? I feel that Selena Gomez is my soulmate in music. I can relate to her and her boyfriend isn’t bad either. Love The Weeknd. What types of things inspire you? I get inspired from everything for my music. It can be a place I am at or the people…

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Priscilla Ford – Ouch Magazine ” Millennial Issue’

Priscilla Ford

Photographer: Eliza Brownlie interview @ouchmagazineny – rhonda mcknight 1. What do you love more fashion or the entertainment business? I would say that they go hand in hand. Half of a great film is its aesthetic. As well, a great costume can really help set the tone of a character. 2. We heard about your amazing indie thriller Without Disguise alongside Angela Sarafyan. Can you tell us more about it and who you play? I play a higher echelon hacker in an alternate reality named Nicola. It’s a concept film…

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