Eryn Woods covers Ouch Magazine 42nd issue



Photographer: David Duong@ PixelSlick Photography

MUA/Hair: My Man Moe

Q.How did you start in the business of entertainment?

I started singing when I started talking….to be honest all the childhood memories that I have, have something to do with music. I always knew that I wanted to be a RockStar and no one could change my mind. So I started working with my producer while I was in high school…..but once I graduated I ran away from home and moved to ATL to be closer to my producer so we could grow my fan base and start the full process of becoming a Rock/Pop Star!!!!

Q.What was your first audition and did you get it?

My first “real” audition was for the musical, “Cinderella” and I actually DID NOT get the part! I wanted to be Cinderella so badly but they gave me the part of the Fairy Godmother. So I was determined to be the best Fairy Godmother and out shine Cinderella.

Q.How do you want your career to be in 50 years?

In 50 years, I hope to still be touring and also running a fashion business as well. I have always looked up to Gwen Stefani because she has built an EMPIRE!!!! And thats what I am aiming for!!! 🙂

Q.What is your favorite song today?
My favorite song right now is Zara Larsson’s new single, “Aint My Fault”!

Q. What video makes you dance?

I can watch the Justin Bieber “Sorry” music video, over and over! I pretend like I know all the moves and that I can actually dance like all those girls!!!! hahaha

Q. What do you call your fans?

My fan base is called “MisfitNation”…..Because “Misfits” think different and love to break the rules!!!

Q.Whats your line-up for 2017 ?
Lets your fans know how to follow you.

I just signed with a major booking agency, Cyber Groove Agency. They book their artist ALL OVER THE WORLD so they are in the process of getting all the tours and festivals booked for 2017. Touring/performing is my favorite part of my job! I honestly HATE being at home! LOL

But everyone can follow me and all my fun adventures on my official website, (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat…all @erynwoods)

Q.Any hollywood crushes that we can mention?
I have 2 hollywood crushes! Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars 🙂 Always a sucker for guys that can sing and perform their butts off!

Q.How does your style compare to other like teen artist , what make you stand apart?

People always say that I remind them of Gwen Stefani and of course I take that as a HUGE compliment….but I think what makes me stand out from her and all the rest in the industry right now, is my fun, outgoing stage presence and also you can hear my CRAZY personality through all my songs!

Any last words? 

Love yourself first and Always be YOURSELF!! BREAK THE RULES!!! 

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