E!’s The Arrangement Star Josh Henderson Cover Ouch Magazine’s Hollywood Issue

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E!’s The Arrangement Star Josh Henderson Cover Ouch! Magazine

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E!’s second scripted series, “The Arrangement” premieres March 2017. This multi-layered, Hollywood love story is about the darker side of celebrity where nobody is what they seem. The 10 episode one-hour series from Emmy Award-Winning writer/EP Jonathan Abrahams and Universal Cable Productions stars Josh Henderson (“Dallas”), Christine Evangelista (“Chicago Fire”), Lexa Doig (“Continuum”) and Michael Vartan (“Alias”).

1. How do you select your roles because all of them seem so perfectly suited for you?

The goal for me is to continue to challenge myself with each character I choose or get the opportunity to play. Sometimes Hollywood can try and put you in a box, and the best way to avoid that is to try and keep everyone guessing as to who you are as an actor.

2. What is it about this character in “the Arrangement” that attracted you?

I was so intrigued by the opportunity to play Kyle West because of the layers and depth that he has. He has so many different sides to him. The actor, the guy on a red carpet, the guy behind closed doors, the guy with girl, the face of IHM
( Institute of the higher mind ) and dive into the mindset of being the biggest movie store in the world. Lots of variety in one character.

3. Can you please describe in what ways are you and your character the same and in what ways are you different .

Kyle and I both share the same profession, acting. We both come from humble beginnings. But Kyle has reached the top in the entertainment world. He is a mega movie star and my career is still growing. Kyle is deeply involved in the self help thing while on the other hand just love a good beer and a large pizza.

4. Where is the series filmed?

Vancouver and LA. And we were extremely lucky to get to shoot an episode in Venice Italy.

5. Where do you call home when you’re not working?

I live in studio city CA. Just around the corner from Hollywood.

6. Do you enjoy the travel aspect of being a young Hollywood actor?

I love the spontaneity that acting brings to your life. You never know who you might be working with on your next project or where you might be shooting. I have been so blessed to shoot projects all over the world. My favorites locations were Italy and Australia!

7. So I want to ask How do you stay in-shape? 
I grew up playing five different sports, one of which I planned on playing professionally (baseball) so I had a good foundation for being active. Now I’m a big fan of getting outdoors to do some running and hiking. I like to call it canyon running to make it sound more exotic. Ha! And trying to eat somewhat clean always helps.



8. I am a really big fan. You have an amazing look your are very attractive. How  did you start your career in actor and is this your first passion?

A lot of people don’t know I started my career in music. I got a record deal out of high school and music has continued to be a passion of mine since my career began 15 years ago. The music led me to getting an agent who began to get me acting auditions. I literally booked my first acting job three weeks later and kind of just never stopped working. I am so blessed with the career I have and will never take it for granted. It’s a tough business and you’ll never last if you don’t love it. And embrace rejection.

9. Where  can fans reach out and collect with you on social media?

I feel like I’m most active on instagram. I am on facebook. I need to get better at tweeting but I will be live tweeting during the episodes of The Arrangement. So bring on the questions! And yes it’s me posting.

10. Are you a big fan of the way social media has gotten so big now? Which is your favorite twitter, instagram, snapchat or none?

I’m a big instagrammer and LOVE snap chat! I’m a goof so my sense of humor is seen through snap chat.

11. What projects do you have lined up for 2017 that we should look out for?
I am definitely putting more time into the music and so keep you eyes open for sneak peaks on instagram.. I am also starting to produce and I’ve got some unscripted and scripted shows in the works. I also am searching for an interesting film project. Stay tuned….

12. We look forward to the series ” the Arrangement” and seeing you do your thing.
Do you have any last words?

I would first like to thank OUCH magazine for the opportunity and support! I want to thank everyone out there that has supported me through this crazy journey and I hope everyone checks out The Arrangement on March 5th. I hope you love it!

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