VMA’S 2016 Fashion and Winners

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BEST MOMENTS THE FASHION TOP 10 #BEST-DRESSED Picked by @RHONDA_MCKNIGHT 1. Of Course BEYONCE Best dressed all around on stage and off 2. Rihanna – need I say more . Her unique style is always on top . 3. Rita Ora- it’s a look she does so well rocker posh. 4. Quvenzhane Wallis- so fashion forward 5.Holland-roden MY GIRL! Looked chic and trendy in all white 6. Cassie – Daring and it worked for me. 7. Arianna Grande- Youthful but stylish my girl rocked it. 8. Drake- Drapper Suit 9.…

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North West wore this kids version of Heron Preston’s СТИЛЬ Turtleneck

north wesr

NORTH WEST wearing a custom kid-version of the HERON PRESTON “СТИЛЬ TURTLENECK” turtleneck while in Colorado with mom Kim Kardashian. This kid version of the Heron Preston signature turtleneck was created just for North, which I know, sucks for all the other kids out there with style. Parents and/or stylish adults however can cop their own grown-up size at heronpreston.com   HERON PRESTON СТИЛЬ TURTLENECK The classic СТИЛЬ (“STYLE” in english) turtleneck in black which first appeared in a collaboration with Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio in London 2014. 100% COTTON —…

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Triple Threat Singer,Dancer and Actress Asia Monet Ray the NEXT GENERATION

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Asia Monet  Ray Cover  #NEW GENERATION   Cover Story: Model: Asia Monet Ray Photographer: Birdie Thompson       http://www.birdseye-foto.com/ Glam: Nichole Ray Interview Fashion Editor :  @Rhonda_Mcknight Asia, I watched videos of you dancing and I have to say ‘you’re amazing!”. How did you discover your talent in dancing or performing? I fell in love with dancing a little before turning 2 years old. I felt so happy and natural when I was performing, I think I was just blessed with the confidence it takes to be on a…

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