Summer is here and its time for Whiter Teeth with Express Smile Atlanta

Ciara and whole karadashian

JUNE : BEAUTY PICK #EDITORS-PICK Recently I tried a very cool product called Express Smile Atlanta (ESA), an emerging teeth whitening kit to brighten her smile. Well, I was surprise at how good this product worked for my teeth. You never think your teeth look dull until you see how amazingly whiter they look after  using EXPRESS SMILE ATLANTA an its much more affordable then going to a dentist! As a bonus you can get that celebrity treatment many of celebrities  uses this product.        

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Finally a VEGAN Hair Color with Infuse My. Colour Wash

Infuse My. Colour Wash

editors Pick: June 2017 @ouchmagaizneny June is the time to change your style or just make a statement. Well I am happy to say INFUSE MY COLOUR WASH is Perfect for that Minneilal girl and guy who is also into a healthy lifestyle. This product has NO Smells , I don’t know about you but I can’t stand a smelly product. There are not mixers to go with this as well. Is sooooo EASY all you have to do is wash it in your hair. It have a few amazing…

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Editor Pick for Spring Beauty the Ardell Brow Building Fiber Gel

Ardell Brow Building Fiber Ge

@rhonda_mcknight #editor-picks   The new Ardell Brow Building Fiber Gel is an eyebrow gel that helps create natural-looking, thicker brows. We had a chance to test out this product. Here is our review and an usage tip to get started. Before using any brow fiber gels, it is important to separate the brows with brow spoolies first. .Make sure to wipe off any excess formula off the tip of the precision brush. Then apply the eyebrow gel in short upwards stroke motions by twisting and swiping the application brush upwards…

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Mielle Organics new Honey & Ginger Styling Gel,Brazilian Curly Cocktail Mousse Review


Mielle Organics new Honey & Ginger Styling Gel @rhonda-mcknight NEW styling gels are lighter and the smells are amazing. Watch this demo of a youtubers shows you everything you need to know or how to use this amazing product. After I received all the fantastic new additions to this amazing line. I am still a favorite of the classic. I love the new additions for traveling or vacation because they are lighter and easy to place into a travel bottle. ***Brazilian Curly Cocktail Mousse Thanks to #mielleorganics for my surprise…

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Abella Skin Care unveils ColorShade SPF35 tinted sunscreen Review

Abella Skin Care

Review #rhonda_mcknight hostages for twitter/instagram Abella Skin Care is amazing for a natural beauty.visit: I have tried it and I love that its very very light on your skin almost as a moisture mist. The shades available in 4 convenient shades of Light, Medium, Dark, and Ebony . I mixed 2 (Medium and Dark) shades together and its still looked amazing my true shade is Medium! It helps to know that it is protecting my skin from the sun. #editorpicks can't wait to try my new samples #abella #makeup…

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Editor Pick for All Hair Types is Haircredible

Haircredible Follow @rhonda_mcknight or email me for reviews on products The Haircredible is Incredible. I love the Hair Spray is light and not stinky. The packaging is great to send ad a gift as well. The mouse is very good. Try it its one of the latest products added. onditioning Mousse Body, Lift & Medium Hold DESCRIPTION A lightweight mousse that creates frizz-free, touchable curls while locking in moisture. Enriched with natural botanical extracts, this medium hold foaming mousse delivers contrast, body and lift. Produces unbelievable volume for all hair…

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Yes, Mielle Organics Hair products are Worth the Hype!

Mielle Organics Hair

Review by @rhonda_mcknight Yes, Mielle Organics Hair products are Worth the Hype! Mile Organics absolutely think has the best shampoo and conductor for naturally curly hair . The Shampoo and conditioner smell is so relaxing and a bit sweet. I hate over powering scent but I enjoy each time I used the hair care. Mile Organics claims that the products will grow your hair. It is still to early for me to say this is a fact. However what I do know that is a fact the products gave my…

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Editors Pick of the Day: SASĒ Skincare

SASĒ Skincare

Review @rhonda-mcknight First impressions the packaging is so good. I didn’t want to open it it was so pretty .I personal tired this SASĒ Skincare . My best pick out of the pair Hydra-Purifying Cleanser 3 IN 1 its foamy , light and it make my face feel extra clean without being extra dry. Its pricey but it’s really good and would make a great gift . Naturally `SASĒ Skincare products include: ****Hydra-Purifying Cleanser 3 IN 1: This daily cleanser serves as a multitasking skincare solution. In addition to cleansing,…

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73rd Annual Golden Globes Best Dressed and Style Trends 2016

jennifer lopez best dressed

Style Review Awards Season officially kicked off last night with glamorous Celebrities on the red-carpet stunned at the 73rd Annual Golden Globes. Celebrity various style trends such as the colors POWER #WHITE #BLUE #GREEN , A Bit of Skin and a few Capes . There was also a ton of skin showed such as the amazing dress worn by Alicia Vikander designed by Louis Vuitton and One of the Best-Dressed of the night Jennifer Lawrence, but hands down once again the Jennifer’s won me over Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Lawrence.…

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Canadian Designer’s of the new label HALFWITS exclusive with OUCH!

What inspired your collection for 2016? REVIEWED BY @RHONDA_MCKNIGHT Our 2016 collection was inspired by a classic quote, “Not all those who wander are lost”. We believe that as humans we are continuously finding ourselves as we journey through life. Getting “lost” is a huge part of being able to find out who you really are. Through this we garnered our line to reflect the idea of being lost or searching for something. What makes the collection different for any other mens brands? Every piece is…

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Editor Pick :Something Every working Blogger Needs after giving Birth or just because


##mamaway Mama way Postpartum Belly Band – Do you ever wonder how celebrities like Jessica Alba. Heidi Klum , Kim Kardashian and others look so great after giving birth a month later. Well 50% is Genies but I am pretty sure they have something to support the waist straight after the birth happens. Well I did a little research and I found this amazing product on AMAZON. If through I have NEVER had a child, My back really hurts after sitting and typing on the computer to do amazing product…

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