Yes, Mielle Organics Hair products are Worth the Hype!

Mielle Organics Hair

Review by @rhonda_mcknight Yes, Mielle Organics Hair products are Worth the Hype! Mile Organics absolutely think has the best shampoo and conductor for naturally curly hair . The Shampoo and conditioner smell is so relaxing and a bit sweet. I hate over powering scent but I enjoy each time I used the hair care. Mile Organics claims that the products will grow your hair. It is still to early for me to say this is a fact. However what I do know that is a fact the products gave my…

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We are not Mad at Justin Bieber’s new hair, we love it!

Justin Bieber Dreads

This is just a phase and a trend. Just like the many white Americas wearing cornrows which is another black cultured hair style.I think people should relax this is 2016 and I think we all should break are stereo styles of what is black or white. Swirv A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on Apr 4, 2016 at 6:46pm PDT Justin Bieber latest style picks:

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The 5 Best and The 5 Worst Man Buns

best hair buns-russell brand

BEST MAN BUNS 1)Jared Leto can Rock a Man Bun (BEST) 2) Russel Brand (BEST) is a natural at man bun wearing 3) chris hemsworth (BEST) can make anything look good. 4) Zayn Malik (BEST )Man bun had to be one of the sexiest ever 5) (BEST) has a new school approach to man buns WORST MAN BUN or just not right 1) jake gyllenhaal (WORST)- I am sorry but we prefer him with shorter hair 2)Harry Styles (WORST) is perfect but his man buns are a little off at…

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