Celebrity Libra’s

Celebrity Libra's

OCT and SEPT months here are our favorite famous Libra’s. Kim Kardashian , Amber Rose, Maddie Ziegler , Bruno Mars ,Lil Wayne , Zac Efron ,Snoop Dogg , Will Smith , Simon Cowell , Tyler Posey , Halsey , Josh Hutcherson ,Cardi B , Usher , Avril Lavigne , Nick Cannon , Bella Thorne  , Elisabeth Shue ,Gwen Stefani, Monica Bellucci ………  all Libras. A Libra woman’s personality is a mixed bag of confidence, diplomacy, creativity and a little indecisiveness. She is one of the most diplomatic of the entire zodiac signs due to her need…

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The Absolute Best of the Best Fake Lashes of 2016

Taraji P Henson

1. Of Course no one can place false lashes like KIM KARDASHIAN – WEST 2. If of course her blood sisters Khole , Kylie and Kourney 3. I have to say Taylor Swift has a very natural approach to fake lashes 4. Taraji p henson eyelashes diva glam touch 5. Rihanna big light eyes look amazing with or without lashes but she sure can work the lashes always. 6. Queen Bee Beyonce gives us a flawless natural lash look 7. Demi lovato eyelashes has a amazing face and even better…

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Yeezy4 Collection by Kanye West shows at NYFW in an interesting way


Yeezy 4 runway took place outside in New York City Park. The positioning was still the same as before with the row call method. The colors were tan, creams etc… The casting although twitter went crazy there were a good mixed of diverse models in all shades . The poor girls had to wear over the boots but all in the name of F-A-S-H-I-O-N! review @RHONDA_MCKNIGHT

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VMA’S 2016 Fashion and Winners

beyonce VMAS 2016 GIF

BEST MOMENTS THE FASHION TOP 10 #BEST-DRESSED Picked by @RHONDA_MCKNIGHT 1. Of Course BEYONCE Best dressed all around on stage and off 2. Rihanna – need I say more . Her unique style is always on top . 3. Rita Ora- it’s a look she does so well rocker posh. 4. Quvenzhane Wallis- so fashion forward 5.Holland-roden MY GIRL! Looked chic and trendy in all white 6. Cassie – Daring and it worked for me. 7. Arianna Grande- Youthful but stylish my girl rocked it. 8. Drake- Drapper Suit 9.…

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