The 5 Best and The 5 Worst Man Buns

best hair buns-russell brand


1)Jared Leto can Rock a Man Bun (BEST)

2) Russel Brand (BEST) is a natural at man bun wearing

3) chris hemsworth (BEST) can make anything look good.

4) Zayn Malik (BEST )Man bun had to be one of the sexiest ever


(BEST) has a new school approach to man buns

WORST MAN BUN or just not right

1) jake gyllenhaal (WORST)- I am sorry but we prefer him with shorter hair

2)Harry Styles (WORST) is perfect but his man buns are a little off at times. ha ha

harry styles

3) Bradley Cooper (Worst) No sold on him with a man bun

Bradley Cooper

4) shia labeouf need we say more? so weird

5)adrian grenier (WORST) it’s not horrible but its not good either but he is so hot


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